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About Us

  • We are mailed to homes and businesses.
    Every week, we are mailed to over 25,000 homes and businesses in Northern Westchester & Putnam Counties.
  • Our papers are mailed.
    We are the only free weekly community newspapers that are delivered through the U.S. Postal Service in Somers, Mahopac, Yorktown and North Salem. Our circulation is verified on a weekly basis and the postal service audits us annually.
  • Readers subscribe to our papers.
    We are the only free local newspapers that are requested by our readers. Over 16,000 households and businesses have formally requested our papers. We also mail another 6,000 on a rotating basis so that all residents are given an opportunity to see our papers and request them.
  • We are the official paper of your town.
    Our publications are the official periodicals of Carmel, Somers and Yorktown. In addition, our Somers and Yorktown papers are among the official publications in Westchester County. The papers were chosen by the government because they know and understand that their constituents are receiving and reading our publications.
  • Our focus is hyper-local.
    Each paper is unique with news and articles that pertain exclusively to the community it serves, so people really read them.
  • Our papers are full-color, all the time.
    We keep readers’ interest with color on every page with no extra cost to advertisers.
  • We work for our communities.
    Our papers help bring together their communities like no other medium can. We are a valued community resource and a positive association for your business.
  • If you are no longer receiving your newspaper every week, just download the requestor card by clicking on your paper below, fill it out and mail it back to us!
    Mahopac News, The Somers Record, Yorktown News and North Salem News
  • Mahopac News is located at 824 Route 6, Suite 4, Mahopac NY 10541. The Somers Record, Yorktown News and North Salem News are located at Bailey Court, 334 Route 202, Unit C1S, Somers, NY 10589.
    If you have any questions about receiving our papers, call 845-208-8503.

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